We're Not Dead Yet (EP)

by Seaside Youth

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released November 11, 2015

Mixed, mastered and produced by Henrik Svedestig.
Album artwork by Johan Von Malmborg.



all rights reserved


Seaside Youth Stockholm, Sweden

Pop Punk, SE.

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Track Name: Throwing Punches
Let's set this off
Running in circles
Nothing can take us
Nothing can keep us away
From doing what we love
Even if I self-destruct
And that will never comfort us

I'll pretend that nothing matters
I'll throw my life away
Fighting every battle
No matter what you say
I don't care about the problems
When everything goes my way
I'm losing all the baggage
Including you and me

Uncomfortable silence
Uncomfortable scene
I'll stay here forever
I'm stuck here anyway

Start again
Running in circles
We're not getting younger but still fucking older than you
We're not done
Don't expect to hold onto
Something that won't comfort you
Track Name: Second Wind
I'll lay awake in my bed
Thoughts are going round' in my head
We stop where we are
We'll never go far
Maybe I'll just take the easy way out

I put my heart in
Throwing my life away

When everything is falling apart
And you can't find yourself in the dark
Make the spark on your torch burn brighter than before
You always have a chance to restart
Everything will be alright

I'm afraid of what I've become
I've given up the only thing I love
I always knew that it's a faded dream
Maybe this just wasn't meant to be

Everything will be alright now
Everything will be alright
Track Name: The Waiting Game
It's time to put this off the record
You had me down from the start
You only wanted me to play my part
But I think I got a change of heart
Play your games
This is is just all the same of the shit you know nothing about
So I think I'll get out of here

You tell me to be patient with you
Never be the one to break all your rules
And everything you promised you'd do
I've had enough of you

I've had enough of you

Show me what you've done I don't see it
If you tell me that I'm wrong we're not even
Is this something you enjoy
Guess we're just a fucking toy
But the toys are getting out of here

I try to be so fucking patient with you
Never be the one to break all your rules
And everything you promised you'd do
I've had enough of you

I'm fucking done with you
Track Name: Let You Know
I'm hungover
But not quite enough
So I can forget what I should have respected
I've lost my phone
I've lost control
And you're just a fake but I can't seem to help it

But you won't let go
And I can't make you believe you're not what I want
Don't let go
But you will never be the one I love

I wanna let you know
That I really got to go
I wanna let you know

You're hungover
I know that it's tough
But you can't look away from what you should have expected
We lost something
We lost everything
You're not fucking sleeping so don't try to fake it